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Justice Makanza

Business Development and Projects Management Officer

Justice is a Business Development and Projects Management Officer. He has been with Muthengo Development Solutions since 2019. In terms of Business Development, he is responsible for identifying new business opportunities and also relationship management. Onboarding of partners and consultants falls under his purview. This includes quality and background checks to ensure that only the best members are included in each team. Justice is an expert negotiator and is responsible for developing partnership agreements on behalf of the team.

His extensive field management experience (since 2011) allows him to provide support for the wide array of thematic areas in the MDS projects portfolio. He is also well versed with handling project contractual and logistical matters. His support also extends to providing ICT support to enhance learning activities. He is an expert user of online tools and trains/orients participants on use of these platforms to maximize benefit. Justice is also responsible for brand management and has overall management over the firm’s digital media presence.