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To deliver high quality and reputable services to our partners and clients, our approach is to engage the best suited project staff for the assignment, ensure global best practices are used, and engage the client through out the whole process. We assign a Project Manager who oversees the contractual and implementation aspects, as well as ensure that deliverables from our expert teams meet internal quality standards and satisfy the client terms of reference. MDS Staff from our offices in Harare, Lusaka and Gaborone are complemented by a broad database of subject experts with whom we have successfully worked in the past. We are thus able to respond to any assignment and level of technical depth. In fact, most of our partners value the combination of international experts (who bring in global experience and practice) and local expertise (essential for understanding local policies, culture, practices as well as institutional access). In addition, we are capable of providing technical backstopping wherever and whenever required to ensure timely delivery.

About Us

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We are a development consultancy firm offering technical support services to governments, donors, bilateral aid institutions, international and national NGOs operating across Africa. We are headquartered in Zimbabwe with country offices in Botswana and Zambia. Since the establishment of Muthengo Development Solutions in 2015, the company has extended its service areas, sectors and diversified its client base. To date, we have projects of varying scales of complexity, duration and subject areas, running across Africa (country and multi-country). Our country offices in Botswana and Zambia, supported by Country Liaison Consultants in eight countries have enabled the company to extend its footprint across Africa. We continue to build our internal specialist skills and capabilities to ensure we keep abreast of our growing projects portfolio and meet the demands of changing projects landscapes.

Our staff and management are passionate about development - ensuring that our technical advice and solutions advance our clients’ ability to deliver change. We therefore do not take our technical expertise as a profession but as a duty to ensure that extreme poverty is eradicated, the quality of life of women and children is improved, and states are able to sustainably support development of their citizens in an open and accountable manner.

How We

Organise Our Teams

Organisational structure: We are structured to deliver maximum efficiency and effectiveness in our core business of project acquisition, business development and project management. Each of these core business areas are overseen by a department: 1) Project Acquisition; 2) Project Management; and 3) Business Development. These are supported by two specialist departments: Senior Consultants department; and the Survey Management Unit. Administrative support is provided through the Finance and Administration.

Project staffing: Our teams are driven by client specific needs ensuring the team’s qualifications, skills and knowledge are the right fit to deliver the objectives of the assignment. We believe in delivering locally adept and globally informed solutions that aim to deliver specific solutions for challenges facing implementers or questions that need to be answered around accountability and implementation. Thus depending on the client’s needs we build our teams with the following focus:

  • international expertise
  • regional expertise
  • local expertise
  • monitoring and evaluation expertise
  • sectoral expertise

In any given assignment our teams provide international, regional and local knowledge and good practices in accountability and the sector. Our associated senior staff include seasoned monitoring and evaluation, project management and technical assistance experts from the African continent. An internal Senior Consultant, for which the practice area the project falls, provides technical oversight, and that the project outputs fully meet the client’s expectations. A project manager (from the Project Management department) supports the consultancy team with administrative and contractual support.