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We carry out a range of surveys for diverse clients operating in government, private sector or development spheres. Our teams are competent in mixed methods approaches to data collection and analysis, ethnographic and participatory approaches. Because of the complex and specialist nature of surveys, our specialised Survey Management Unit provides the requisite expertise for the design and implementation of the entire survey value chain. The Unit is capable of delivering mix methods or specialised qualitative or quantitative surveys.

We have the capacity to deliver small to large and complex national and multi-country surveys. Our local partners in selected countries and local offices in Botswana and Zambia expand our capacity to deliver surveys to the satisfaction of the client.

Zimbabwe MTF Survey -January 2020 to February 2021

We conducted the Zimbabwe National Multi-Tier Framework, Energy Access Household Survey, with 5 000 Household interviews, using Mobile data collection. The main purpose of the baseline survey was to track progress towards Sustainable Energy for Alls (SE4All) Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 7: access to affordable, reliable, and sustainable modern energy by 2030. This baseline survey was commissioned by the World Bank, and we designed the study, trained, and managed 40 enumerators and 10 supervisors and performed data management by supervising enumerators and performing data quality on the online server and spot check in the targeted districts in the whole country.

Eswatini MTF Survey-April 2021 to present.

MDS is currently conducting the Eswatini National Multi-Tier Framework, Energy Access Household Survey of 5000 household, 450 enterprises and 150 communities. This survey is being commissioned by the World Bank and MDS is working with ActivQuest, our local partner, in implementing an MTF energy survey covering all 4 regions in ESWATINI, user categories, Household surveys, community survey and public institution (health and education facilities) surveys. MDS is the leading firm in designing the survey, training enumerators and supervisors, electronic tools development and server management, data management and quality assurance in all the targeted districts in Eswatini.