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Our Work

Project Strategy and Design

We help our clients design projects and programmes by supporting the development of project results chains monitoring and evaluation frameworks, budgets, visibility and communication strategies, among other services. We have supported our clients in understanding how they intend to produce change through facilitating the development of the Theory of Change. In addition, MDS has expertise in development of grant proposals and facilitating organisational strategy planning and resourcing.
MDS has the requisite capacity for designing project interventions. Our consultants are highly trained and skilled in designing projects for successful implementation, monitoring and evaluation. We also assist in developing terms of reference for project missions as well as train staff or stakeholders in project cycle management and proposal writing.


We have geographical and language experience in several countries. Our services include mapping out of project indicators; designing research tools, training research assistance in a range of areas including ethics and working with vulnerable groups; mobilising stakeholders and ensuring field access; supervising data collection, analysis and reporting. We have extensive experience in real-time data collection techniques and our expert teams are multidisciplinary and culturally aware.


Our expert teams can deliver analysis of potential projects and provide advice on their feasibility. We carry our social and environmental impact assessment, analyse project risks and provide expert opinion on viable pathways for project design and delivery.