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Our Work

Our services in the policy category include:

  • Policy analysis
  • Policy development,development of national and sector strategies and development frameworks.

Policy Analysis

We work with clients to provide evidence based policy analysis that firmly based on proven and innovative methodologies. Depending on the assignment, our principle of people centred development ensures the process of policy analysis is participatory and enriching for those involved in implementation and charged with facilitating decisions on policy direction.

Policy Development

Our approach to policy development, grounded on participatory methodologies, ensures those charged with implementation are the drivers of the policy development process. Experience in policy development has shown that greater participation not only enhance relevance of the policy but its prospects for implementation as those charged with implementation will own it. In this process of approach of policy development, our teams help with providing technical assistance from their wealth of in-country and international experience and knowledge to the process. We use results based management approaches to policy development. These include ensuring the results of policies are clear and informed by a sound understanding on the
causal problems for policy intervention.