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Independent Assessment study of disability inclusion in services at community level in Zimbabwe

Muthengo Development Solutions was commissioned by UNICEF Zimbabwe to carry out an in-depth study of community-based disability services for children (rehabilitation, health, child protection, educational resources units and centres at school and district level). The study will focus on their availability, accessibility, and functionality. MDS' role is to determine the extent to which these services are being used by the communities with children with disabilities. The study will also look at the presence of other stakeholders providing services in the community, with a disability lens, to ascertain extent of disability-inclusive programming.

The study will focus on;
a). Accessibility # what is the location of formal and non-formal structures for education, health, rehabilitation, social support and protection in various communities; their accessibility to children with disabilities; including knowledge systems on their existence.
b). Completeness # can these services holistically meet the needs of children with various categories of disabilities; their adequacy and cohesion.
c). Functionality # are these community services able to serve their purpose of benefitting children with disabilities; are the children with disabilities actively seeking these services.
d). Availability of specialist services in the formal entities, such as, trained teachers, in sufficient number and discipline for the nature of disability of the children in the resource units, trained health personnel, rehabilitation technicians, skilled community health and support workers.
e). The study will focus on a sample size of ten districts. Selection should be from rural, and peri-urban, to be reflective of the majority of children who are disadvantaged.
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