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Seed and Knowledge Initiative End of Phase Evaluation

The Seed and Knowledge Initiative (SKI) project implemented from 2013 ending in 2019, iwas a food security focused initiative that aims to ensure that participating farmers, particularly women and the communities in which they reside, are more food secure through seed diversity and security. The evaluation was aimed at investigating two broad areas i) review SKI programme implementation results and partnerships and ii) review of SKI Research and Advocacy work. MDS adopted an intensive qualitative evaluation approach to generate indepth information to answer the evaluation questions. Various qualitative methods including Key Informant Interviews with key stakeholders at regional and country level, Focus Group Discussions with beneficiaries in country and Consultative workshops where used to generate information. Quantitative data to support the qualitative findings was generated from existing data from project monitoring system , literature and traditional seed systems.

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M & E
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Jun-2018 to Jul-2018