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Strengthening Informal Social Protection Mechanisms in Africa

Description of Project

MDS undertook a qualitative study of informal social protection mechanisms with the objective of understanding what informal mechanisms exist in selected localities, how they function, how they deal with covariate shocks, who they include and exclude and crucially, what kind of support they might require. This included: 1. Managing Qualitative Research Preparation and Data collection; 2. Supporting the development of Qualitative Research Tools; 3. Analysis and Dissemination of Results 4. Managing Data Documentation and Storage. This was all in support of UNDP's proposal of a new regional initiative that aims at strengthening the ability of informal support mechanisms to deal with shocks at the household and community levels. The proposed regional initiative is well aligned with the core vision of the Leaving No One Behind principle of the SDGs. The initiative had the following components: 1) Building a comprehensive knowledge base on informal mutual support mechanisms ; 2) Strengthening informal mechanisms; and 3) Fostering policy linkages and government ownership.

Project Sector: 
Social Pension Fund
Project Type: 
Project Location: 
UNDP - Zimbabwe
Jan-2020 to Mar-2020