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Final Evaluation of Afya Bora ya Mama na Mtoto (2015 -2018)

The purpose of the evaluation was to generate substantive evidence and lessons learnt on the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, sustainability, gender, and equity focus of the Afya Bora ya Mama na Mtoto project. The evaluation findings and recommendations will be used to strengthen future anticipated project design and inform the nation-wide scaling up of the project, the end-term review of Zanzibar Health Sector Strategic Plan (2013/14-2018/19) and the 2020 mid-term review of Zanzibar One Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn, Child and Adolescent Reproductive Health Strategic Plan (2018 - 2022). Therefore the primary audience of this evaluation included the Zanzibar Ministry of Health, Zanzibar Ministry of Finance and Planning, UNICEF Tanzania Country Office and the GAC in Tanzania.

Project Sector: 
Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health
Project Type: 
M & E
Project Location: 
Nov-2019 to Apr-2020