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Midterm Review of R4 Rural Resilience Initiative in Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe

Description of Project

The objective of the R4 Rural Resilience Initiative in Southern Africa (PhaseII) was to improve food security and resilienceof food insecure and vulnerable farmers to enable them to achieve sustainable food production through an intergrated risk management approach over a multi year time scale. The MTR assessed project perfomance against the set targets to inform strategic and programmatic adjustments as well as generate an evidence base to facilitate learning learning and inform startegic and operational decision making. The MTR focused on 3 of the 6 project countries adopting a participatory and gender responsive approach. Key focus for the MTR was on the answering the following questions, 1) Is the programme on track to achieve its phase II goals and objectives? 2) What structural and or/ programmatic adjustments are needed for the second half of the current phase of the current phase to achieve goals and objectives and maximise effectiveness and efficiency? 3) What can be learned from the emerging evidence to inform a potential third phase with a stronger focus on sustainability and policy/market uptake?. A mixed methods approach was used for data collection, triangulating information from multiple sources.


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M & E
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Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC)
Mar-2019 to Jul-2019