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Terminal Evaluation Integrated Food Nutrition and Income Security (FNI) programme

Description of the Project

The Intergrated Food, Nutrition and Income security project was implemented in Binga and Hwange by a consortium of 3 NGOs (SNV, CAFOD AND Environment Africa) with SNV being the lead organisation. The terminal evaluation measured capacity built amongst smallholder farmers, programme results as well as the extent and magnitude of programme impacts. The evaluation also assessed the soundness of programme approaches, interlinkages across programme components, overall quality of programme implementation taking into account the external context, relevance, timeliness, and cost effectiveness of programme delivery (efficiency), beneficiary coverage and response and overall sustainability of programme results beyond December 2017 when the project ended. Together with SNV, the evaluator developed a detailed research plan which generated the sample for the evaluation. A sample of over 2000 small holder farmers were sampled in Hwange and Binga districts and site visits were conducted to collect the quantitative and qualitative data. The findings of the evaluation will also serve to improve SNV's development practice and refinement of its model and role in the agricultural sector.


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M & E
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Jan-2018 to Mar-2018