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World Bank Group Enterprise Survey (ES), and Micro Enterprises and Informal Sector Businesses Surveys

Muthengo Development Solutions is partnering with Esoko, an Accra-based company in the Ghana Enterprise, Micro and Informal Surveys 2022 which was commissioned by the World Bank. The aim of the survey is to gain an understanding of the firm’s experience and perception of the environment in which they operate. The study will be also used as a key diagnostic tool of the private sector, measuring the day-to-day experiences of firms The Ghana Enterprise, Micro and Informal Surveys will use the benchmarking and analytical tools which were produced by the Enterprise Analysis Unit of the World Bank.

This study has two broad components which are (i) survey of formally registered firms, which consists of implementing the standard WBG Enterprise Survey (ES) and micro-enterprise survey (Micro); and (ii) survey of informal sector businesses (the Ghana ISBS 2022). This study will use three separate questionnaires: the global ES questionnaire, a questionnaire for micro enterprises and a questionnaire for Informal sector businesses.

The overall goal of the Ghana Enterprise, Micro, and Informal Surveys 2022 is to support evidence-based policy-oriented analysis, stimulate systematic policy dialogue on the business environment, and help shaping the agenda for reform. The surveys have the following objectives:
1. Provide feedback from enterprises on the state of the private sector;
2. Provide robust business environment indicators that are comparable across countries;
3. Provide measures of establishment-level performance, including productivity;
4. Assess the constraints to private sector growth and establishment performance;
5. Provide better understanding the demographics of informal businesses and the environment with in which they operate;
6. Build a panel of data, which will allow to analyze changes in the business environment over time

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